Work in progress

Reserach papers

Housing booms and local spending, (with A Solé-Ollé) IEB-WP, 2017/05             UPDATED PAPER HERE: Housing…Nov2017


Amphitheaters, cathedrals and operas: The role of historic amenities on suburbanization (With MA Garcia-López & I Pasidis) IEB Working Paper Series, 2015/30 IEB WP2015-30 CESifo Working Paper CESifo WP5699-2016 (under the title ‘Express delivery to the suburbs? Transportation effects in heterogeneous European cities’)   UPDATED PAPER HERE: Amphitheaters … June 2018 NEW!

Banking the unbanked: Evidence from the Spanish Banking Expansion Plan (with P Arqué) WP Arque-Viladecans-oct2016 (Submitted)

Can urban renewal policies reverse neighborhood ethnic dynamics? (with N. González-Pampillón & J. Jofre-Monseny) CEPR-DP11676 (Revision requested)UPDATED PAPER HERE:Urban Renewal Policy – Feb2018


In preparation

The fundamental law of highway congestion and air pollution in Europe’s cities (with MA García-López & I Pasidis)

The political economy of coastal destruction (with P Magontier & A. Solé-Ollé)

Calling from the outside: the role of networks in residential mobility (with K. Büchel, M von Ehrlich & D Puga)

Road access and long-term local development (with MA García-López & A Herranz)